November 21st

Winter started around the 7th of November this year with a good snowfall and a week that started out mild and sunny and progressively got colder.  This past week we have had another snowfall with a strong wind and very cold temps at -26 to -30.

I added more straw to the kitty house hoping they will keep warm in there all huddled together.  Had to dig them out after the 2nd snowfall so they had a place to congregate by the back door where I feed them, but for a few days I fed them inside their house so they didn’t have to come out and stand in the cold wind.

Needless to say I’m going outside as little as possible, which is only to feed the chickens and gather the eggs by 9am so they won’t freeze.  The chickens have been laying most of their eggs in the berths closes to the heat lamp which helps.  Today is supposed to go back up to -3C so they might get to go outside in the next day or so but I have to shovel the snow away from their back door and re-spread the padding of straw over the snow for them.

We’re still waiting for our soapstone stove to arrive…. only 7 more sleeps.  Then finally we will have our winter hibernation room comfortable and warm so we can spend the rest of the winter enjoying the new space again.  This week we’ve so been wishing we had it here by now since we’ve had to keep the door from the kitchen into that room open to keep the walls in there from freezing and causing condensation…. so the whole house has been cool.

Snow fall


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